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RMG GROUP Protection
RMG GROUP Protection
an RMG GROUP Company
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    Protecting A Bright Future

    We are not insurance, we are innovation!

    The first and only company to offer ZERO deductible from day one.

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Building Relationships

Everyone and every situation are different. That is why we make sure we get to know you and yours. Selecting the right coverage whether personal or business is crucial to being covered if something goes wrong.

Great Member Service

Our member service is here for you no matter what. Whenever you need us, we are a call, message, or chat away.

Easy Claims

Our claims process is designed to be easy. We are constantly improving our service to make sure our members are served properly. 

No Deductible.... Ever!

When you file a claim with us, we guarantee zero deductible on eligible accounts and claims. You shouldn't be penalized when something happens unexpectedly.

Unemployment | Income Loss Protection RMG GROUP Protection

Income Loss Protection

Losing your source of income can be devastating, whether it is short-term or longer-term we have you covered. We can safeguard things such as Rent/Mortgage, Auto Loans, Utilities, Credit Cards & More.

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Paycheck Protection for Business

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, RMG GROUP has always stood behind helping those in need and making a difference and helping those in need. While we have always offered protection against things like this to help people out, we have now branched out Paycheck Protection specifically.

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RMG GROUP Protection